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We help you with marriage annulments in the Philippines, the quick and easy way.

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    How can our service help you?

    free consultation

    We answer your most important questions in a free phone call.

    specialised lawyers

    We co-operate with lawyers who specialize in the annulment procedure.

    link to the lawyer

    We act as a link between you and the annulment lawyer.

    100% success rate

    We have already helped many customers and have a 100% success rate.


    fast anullment

    We shorten a process, that can, in some cases, last for years; to just one year.

    low cost

    Significantly lower costs (no Filipino rip-off lawyers) - which are clearly communicated.

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    Our annulment service

    Save precious time, nerves and above all – money! Our annulment service is the quickest way to receive what you are after.

    The marriage annulment procedure in the Philippines is incredibly complex and extremely difficult to manoeuvre through.

    When looking for a trustworthy lawyer, it is almost impossible to get a reasonably priced, and above all, serious and honest legal advice in the Philippines.

    In contrast, our specialist lawyers have focused on the annulment procedure and have already successfully accompanied dozens of our clients through the process.

    This is how we can offer you a tailored and competent concept, for the quickest possible execution of the annulment procedure.

    Together with our specially selected lawyers, we ensure that all necessary requirements are met and that the annulment can be carried out without an exceptionally long waiting time.

    We advise you on your specific case, explain you the exact procedure and are there for questions you may have.