What we can do for you

If a Philippine spouse or fiancéwants to entry Germany with a visa, it is necessary to meet all requirements asked for by the German embassy in order to get a visa. Small inconsistencies may cause unwanted complications that will end in costly and lengthy procedures. All of those who missed out on getting married in Hong Kong have to go through an inconvenient check of their documents and certificate of nubility.

Our experiences

With our support you will be able to get the required visa as fast as possible.

Thanks to our experience in the past we have been able to maintain contact to a number of embassies and official agencies on the Philippines. Most of the time there can be disagreements between the Philippine and German officials, that we are able to resolve for our clients. In the past years we helped Philippine spouses andfiancés in the process of applying and getting approved for a visa in Germany, Switzerland or Austria.

Most of our clients are Philippine citizens who wish to divorce or annul their marriage according to Philippine law. In the course of this procedure we are the perfect companion and will represent our clients’ best interests successfully. We are proud to say that pur Phil-Visa service has been able to offer a direct solution to execute annulments (divorces) as fast and easy as possible.

Unser Team