Our visa check – The Fast and easy solution

Marrying a Filipino is directly linked to applying for a marriage visa. Thanks to our exclusive Service we bring couples from the Philippines, Germany and Hong Kong together!


Let our team of experts take manners into their hands!

We all know that administrative processes take time. If you forget one document or filled it in with wrong information the whole application might be declined.

From experience most difficulties arise concerning marriage ceremonies in Germany with a marriage visa.

On the Philippines the family reunion visa proves to be most difficult.

For this process a certificate of nubility is required. This may take years. The nerve-wrecking communication with German and Philippine officials only complicates things further.

We take care of your application process!

We are happy to take care of the issuance of the required visa and guarantee a flawless procedure. This way new families will be reunited as fast as possible. Our visa check is a reliable service.

We know exactly that it is a horrible experience for couples to wait for another a long time. This is why we do our best to allow for a quick and discret process.

Visa-Check Service for arrival and departure

Our specialised visa check service offers an ideal visa application procedure. This way you will be able to entry the country as a tourist, business man or future spouse. You will be able to arrive and depart as you like to fulfill the purpose of your trip.

How does our exclusive visa check service work exactly?

All-round carefree package for a fixed price!

The following text is especially for our soon-to-marry couples:

Our visa check service includes the legalisation and accreditation of personal documents like the marriage or birth certificate. Needless to say that we will keep you updated on current status during the whole process. Your data and documents are highly sensitive information. With our service we offer a promise of discretion so you will be able to sit back and let us help you out.

Visa-Service: Visa-Check

Our service process is controlled strictly by a number of our expert employees that your documents and all other contents will be checked adequately and the need for improvement can be identified immediately.

You can download the following PDF form free of charge and print it out. Fill out the form and send it to us via E-Mail. We will take care of the rest.

Our documentation service will check all incoming mails according to our intern high standards of quality.

This will shorten your waiting time!

This way the necessity of adjustment can be identified as fast as possible and you will be informed right away. Unnecessary queries by public authorities will be prevented.

Here is an overview of all the advantages your profit from with our visa check service:

  1. Fast and safe processes for your matter
  2. Experience and expertise
  3. Trained employees
  4. Discret handling of your matter
  5. You will always be keep updated!