Visa Philippines to Germany

For a marriage in Germany, official visits must be made to the registry office, foreigners authority, higher regional court and the German embassy before a marriage visa is issued under the respective requirements.

The marriage visa is issued for the purpose of marriage and subsequently for a residence permit in Germany. As a rule, the marriage visa is valid for 90 days before the wedding and a residence permit can be applied for at the competent foreigners authority.

As a German citizen with a registered residence, the necessary requirements must be obtained from the relevant registry office before it is possible to arrange a desired date for the wedding.

Since it is a very complicated process to apply for a visa at the German Embassy, our service is the decisive advantage to ensure a 100% guarantee for successful issuance. We offer our clients a goal-oriented and competent concept for the successful entry of the Philippine partner to Germany.

In the interaction with the various offices, it often happens that the applicants feel helpless and left alone. The visa procedure is very difficult to understand and usually raises more questions than explaining it to the couples in an understandable way. This often results in very long waiting times and high costs.
Each personal case is accompanied by an assigned case worker and a useful step-by-step guide is issued, which comfortably supports the couples during the visa application process. We are in close communication with the embassy and act as a link to enable the immediate execution of all pending processes.

The German Embassy in Manila requires that the respective applicant can present sufficient grounds to legitimize the return to the Philippines. This is a prognosis decision, which in most cases is negative and thus leads to the rejection of the visa.
Our many years of experience enable us to ensure that all the necessary requirements are met and that the visa application can be carried out without an exceptionally long waiting time.