Philippine Annulment Made Easy

Phil-Annulment is a service that offers assistance for a quick and cost-efficient annulment process. We have a group of certified and specialized lawyers in our team, who have successfully handled many annulment cases before.

Our lawyers will be at their best to process the annulment within 1 year, sometimes slightly longer. The timeframe may also depend on the case and personal situation of the involved parties. The cost ranges from 2000 -3000 euro. Our fee is included in these lawyers costs and acts as a deposit.

Please feel free to message us anytime at info@ We need to collect and verify some information beforehand. We can also set a phone appointment for you with one of our trusted legal advisors for a free consultation.

Yes. You don’t need to be residing in the Philippines, just to ask for our assistance. But, we would like to remind you that your absence in Pre-Trials may cause your Petition to be dismissed. If your lawyer or a duly authorized representative can be presented on your behalf and holds a valid excuse for your non-appearance, we may still proceed with the annulment case.

Unfortunately, divorces are by law not accepted here in the Philippines. You still need to file for an annulment if you wish to dissolve your marriage in the Philippines.

Yes. Many of our clients are having old marriages annulled as a way to marry their new partner. That is absolutely no problem.

One note on that for future marriages, opposed to the complicated marriage in the Philippines, a marriage in Hong Kong has many more advantages. Firstly, it is legally accepted and recognized worldwide, by all governments and for any visa purposes. Secondly, citizens from any nations may fly there, visa free, and get married within a few days. If you are interested in such, we would recommend you take a look at:

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