Do you want to get married fast and without any bureatic hurdles?

We take care of:

  • Accreditations
  • Legalisation

With access to our exclusive partnerships you will be able to finalise your marriage as fast as possible and without any administrative hurdles. In the past we have been able to realise the legalisation of visa-related matters at a number of consulates.

The right documents

The labourious acquisition of required documents for a visa oftens ends up as a dead-end after the wedding ceremony. Save the trouble!

Our elaborate procedure checks all documents in regards to essential information to ensure a fast process. With legalisation the validity of the documents will be examined.

Our examination of documents and records checks all important documents. Couples from Hong Kong are lucky to profit from an easier process.



The variety of documents and applications makes it even for trained employees from foreign agencies hard to identify falsification of documents. Most of the time this complicated the overall process.

German public offices ask for pre-accreditation. There might be also other additional accreditations needed.

The process

The administrative offices should be able to comprehend the reasoning for the visa application.

During the visa application process for family reunion you need documents like a civil status certificate from your home country. The legalisation in Germany will be undertaken by foreign office in charge.

Foreign certificates can be legalised for the German administration and law system in order to simplify the whole visa process. Unfortunately this option is not avaible to Philippine citizens anymore.


Documents can be treated the same way domestic, public documents are treated.

Contents of registers of citizens must contain true facts so that the validity of a public document can be reassessed on a regular basis. If those requirements are not met, a legalisation cannot ensue.

Examinations of documents are not conducted by employees of the German embassy but regional, well-informed experts (mostly lawyers) as this sensitive task cannot be assigned to a random person.